Use Logic To Establish an Initial Marketing Budget

Many businesses we work with will pick an amount to spend on marketing without using much hard logic to determine how much the amount will be. A quick example: A percentage of average monthly revenue or target monthly revenue. There are several studies that will show the benchmark for your industry that can be found with a simple Google search. Most small businesses will spend between 5% – 13% of monthly gross revenue on marketing and advertising. Start with a number, then adjust it based on how well your marketing is performing – the monthly marketing budget you start with doesn’t have to stay static all year.

Don’t Skimp on Content Marketing and Creative

Content marketing and creative services are something you should not skimp on or be cheap with. We see businesses all the time that run huge TV buys or digital buys, but the creative they run is low quality, or they don’t do a good job at rotating creative to help reduce ad decay. Ad decay happens when target customers / clients are served the exact same creative over a long period of time. This means you need to swap out or rotate your creative message every few weeks. With content marketing, this is the content that stays out on the web forever and doesn’t cost you anything after it’s done. For content marketing, think blog posts, videos, infographics or any other cool image that you publish on the web.

Get Business Reviews

This is something that is free and doesn’t cost you anything. One of the top things people search for before they do business with someone local is reviews for that business. Think about when you buy something on Amazon, you’re probably not going to buy a product if it has 1 out of 5 stars.

Use Analytics and Tracking

Google Analytics is a free tool and all business owners should be checking their website analytics reporting at least once a month to see what’s happening. In addition to using Google Analytics you should also make sure you have phone call tracking setup for any of the online marketing campaigns that you’re running. Call Rail is a great provider and has quite a few simple integrations.

Don’t Be Afraid to Test New Things

Always be testing new advertising channels to see if they work. With online marketing campaigns that we run, we are constantly testing new campaign tweaks or new micro campaigns. A good online marketer will never stop testing and hopefully never get stuck in a website traffic plateau.

Don’t Sign Long Term Marketing Contracts

By long term marketing contracts, I mean initial contracts that are over 6 months. When a company that you are working with for the first time requires you to sign at least a 1 year contract for basic services, then don’t do it. Get them down to at least a 6 month agreement so they can prove what they’re doing is working and be able to show you growth over those first 6 months.

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6 Tips For Local Business Marketing in 2017
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6 Tips For Local Business Marketing in 2017