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If you or your marketing firm has logged into your Adwords account today, you should have a notification for something that is VERY exciting. Starting today, Google has released their expanded text ads to all adwords accounts across their entire platform.

new google expandable text ads

These new expandable text ads are intended to be the primary focus for paid search on mobile devices. Google’s first move towards creating ads in a mobile dominated world came in February of this year when they eliminated the “right side” ads that were commonly seen on desktops. This new “mobile” focused ad creator could turn back some serious ROI for companies using google’s search network especially considering the fact that 72% of all digital media is now consumed via smartphones in North America.

more people have access to mobile phones than toothbrushes

Now, one thing you may be asking is “so what’s the big deal with expanded text ads”, right? Anyone who has built text ads before knows the ultimate heartache when creating the perfect description for a service or good, but seeing the tiny red message indicating “EXCEEDS CHARACTER LIMIT”. This can be extremely frustrating because having to drop one word from a description line can change up the entire structural makeup of a sentence. Ultimately, this can cause advertisers to leave out tiny parts of crucial information that a potential client or customer may need to know. Enough about the sob stories on limited characters, let’s dig into what the new expandable texts have to offer!

Below is an image from what limitations on characters are currently for the standard text ads (the old ones).

old google text adsNow, let’s take a look at the new ad text limits and analyze the differences.

  • Adding a second headline to increase the overall character limit by 35 (30+30=60-25=45).
  • Combining the description section which also increases the character limit by 10

new expanded google text ads

Adding additional characters and text to ads means one MASSIVE thing to marketers using the new expanded ad format, BETTER QUALITY SCORES! Before going down a “rabbit hole” on quality score, the basic flow works like this.

  1. A user searches for a good or service online.
  2. Based on your keywords and ad text, google gives you a score on how relevant your ad may or may not be towards that user.
  3. Quality score determines your ad ranking (where you show on Google) and how much you pay when someone takes action and clicks on our ad.
  4. Higher quality scores generate higher positions on Google and also generate lower cost per clicks (The $ amount you pay when your ad is clicked on).

To wrap things up, longer and more detailed descriptions (if used correctly) can lead to higher quality scores for your ads. Higher quality scores result in higher ad spots at a cheaper price. Finally, the lower your cost, the higher your margins are which increase the ROI for an ad campaign.

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