What is a business without a brand? Good design is more than just aesthetics. Good design works to help your brand meet your business’ goals.

A good brand connects emotionally with the audience, evokes loyalty, conveys and reinforces brand values and messaging, and motivates the buyer. Our experienced and dedicated team will work with you through the process of identifying the correct growth strategy, correlating that strategy with the right tactical elements, developing the brand and all the necessary supporting elements and effectively deploying work that WORKS.


Every client is totally different and so are the online channels that we use for each client. We don’t believe in one-size fits all. We don’t care what online ad network we use for our clients as long as it is delivering results. The top ad networks we work with are Google, YouTube, and Facebook. To say we are analytical would be an understatement. We use data and analytics to improve client performance. If we can’t track it, then what’s the point in doing it?


Let’s start with one basic fact. There isn’t a brand in the market today that doesn’t need good, creative PR. The Edge Ideas works with clients of all sizes and with each one we work to produce creative ideas that build a narrative that resonates. It starts with crafting the RIGHT message and then delivering that message with solid media relations and a good social media strategy, supported with clever content and video. The end result – a fully integrated plan that helps our clients reach their goals.


Search engines represent a vital channel for acquiring website traffic and generating lead opportunities. We create opportunities for our local and national clients to be found on search engines by leveraging long-term SEO initiatives and strategies to build a sustainable SEO

To have top organic rankings on search engines, there are well more than 200 factors that determine how well your website will rank for target keywords. We start our client SEO services with a comprehensive website audit. Once an SEO audit is complete, we build a comprehensive roadmap for our weekly SEO and monthly SEO project management tasks that will affect every digital opportunity for your brand to be found.


Social media is no longer a “nice to have,” but has become an essential part of digital brand presence. Setting up social channels and optimizing them for search results and customer interaction is fundamental. The Edge Ideas will identify what channels are appropriate for your business and optimize them, so you can best interact with your audience. Each channel has its own set of constantly evolving criteria and processes. The Edge Ideas handles every aspect of setup, from formatting profile and banner images, to strategically using keywords and descriptive phrases, to navigating the process of local business verification. We set up your business accounts and company pages on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and if applicable, industry-specific portals. We set up your logo, background images, and profile texts and geo-registration. We show you how to log in, update your profile, and interpret the metrics available in your profile admin features.


Building an effective website must be driven by a company’s brand identity. The Edge Ideas understands the necessary requirements to establish and digitally communicate a brand’s values and objectives.


The Edge Ideas production team has decades of experience in creating high quality video and film deliverables for any budget size.

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