Social media is no longer a “nice to have,” but has become an essential part of digital brand presence. Setting up social channels and optimizing them for search results and customer interaction is fundamental. The Edge Ideas will identify what channels are appropriate for your business and optimize them, so you can best interact with your audience. Each channel has its own set of constantly evolving criteria and processes. The Edge Ideas handles every aspect of setup, from formatting profile and banner images, to strategically using keywords and descriptive phrases, to navigating the process of local business verification. We set up your business accounts and company pages on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and if applicable, industry-specific portals. We set up your logo, background images, and profile texts and geo-registration. We show you how to log in, update your profile, and interpret the metrics available in your profile admin features.


The solution to long-term sustainable online marketing results lies in the implementation of an effective content strategy for your brand. A successful content strategy depends on the high volumes of varied digital content including articles, blogs, videos, and infographics, distributed across a variety of social and digital channels. The Edge Ideas provides a turnkey digital solution to serve every aspect of a brand’s online marketing needs. The bedrock of our service is the production of large volumes of relevant digital content, optimized for your audiences’ preferences and for major search engine indexing. The result of this strategy is two-fold. First, distributing vast amounts of strategic content gives your brand a voice online, establishing it as an industry thought leader. Second, content production drives sustainable organic traffic to your site. This not only impacts your brand’s search engine ranking, but also directs individuals to your site with a demonstrated interest in your company and its offerings.


Additional aspects of our service include distribution of content across social channels and the management of your company’s social media accounts. Social media engagement functions as an extension of your brand’s support and sales services, reaching an entirely new untapped customer base. Our social direction services also include the use of social awareness and analytics technology. The Edge Ideas content campaign will provide a solution to build your brand’s online identity and bring your website to life. It also allows us to promote specific pieces of content to particular audience segments. Strategically engaging every group and subgroup by directing them through the site will have a major impact on the sites SEO footprint and ensure maximum content reach. We provide your company with the horsepower to target all relevant audience groups with content that promotes action.

Content Creation and Social Media Direction Features:

  • Content roadmap
  • Strategic marketing plan
  • Weekly Content Production of digital content
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Dedicated production team

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