Why The Hell Do You Even Advertise?

Bottom line, businesses want to make more money than they spend on advertising, right? How do you go about doing this?  Let’s face it. Most Traditional media doesn’t work. If you’re a business in Louisiana, then the odds are that you’re still doing TV, radio, print advertising or even the Phonebook (really)?? Ask yourself:

  • How do you know you’re advertising is really working?
  • How do you know what it’s doing to your bottom line?
  • Do you have a baseline of revenue and lift metrics from traditional advertising?
  • Do you really get more customers from running the same creative every month for the past few years?
  • Does TV really get you more customers?

Sure, once and a while you’ll hear someone say they saw your TV ad,  but how do you really know that the ad source actually sent you revenue?

How can you give proper attribution to what is driving new sales?

Living in the south, most trends that hit the rest of the country don’t hit Louisiana until a few years later. You hear folks talk about the wide web, but what does that really mean and how can you decode it?

When you don’t have the data and analytics to match up how your marketing and advertising is working, then what’s the point in doing it when you can’t track it? It’s very difficult to do this if you don’t have detailed tracking and analytics against all advertising channels.

Ultimately, how a business has been doing it for the last 20 years doesn’t matter anymore, it matters about what have you done for me lately.

You need to follow where the eyeballs are.

  • Each day there are over 3.5 Billion Searches done on Google
  • Youtube is now the #2 search engine in the world.
  • Facebook has a reach over several Billion users.

Where do you think your clients are?

Stop guessing. Seriously. It’s stupid to guess with what’s working. Nobody wants to guess. If you want to guess, you might as well go down to the casino and put all your money on red or black.

We follow the eyeballs and ears of your potential customers and squeeze as much efficiency as possible out of each advertising channel. We rely heavily on digital advertising such as Google, Facebook and Youtube because they allow us not to guess. Having to guess for our clients on which advertising channel is working is stupid. Every client for us is different. The strategy we use for each client is also different, there is no one size fits all.

If you want to stop guessing then we’ll give you a complete set of conversion metrics from the entire online marketing portfolio that we set up for you and show you exactly what is working and what’s not working. In fact, we don’t just stop at setting up the online marketing channels that work for you, we take it a step further. We look at our client’s online marketing portfolios similar to the way stock traders set up funds on wall street. We look at inefficiencies in the marketplace and we optimize ad spend against the online marketing channels that are more efficient and deliver the cost per client acquisition that each client is looking for. Our goal is to always have our client performance charts going up and to the right… That’s right, we will help you win.

Our goal is to help our clients WIN bottom line.

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